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GIF is a limited company registered by the government of Kenya and also registered with Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). As you can see from the screenshot, the government registration details PVT-RXUE8B and the Kenya Revenue Authority Details P051651061X. These are very important legitimacy proofs. So if you are in Kenya and you go with these details and do a search at any Huduma center, you will be able to see that Global Internet Fortunes is a registered company. Apart from that, we are working with Top banks and pay processors and of course for you to be approved for example by these Top banks and Pay processors, they have to vet and see that you are doing a legit business. So mostly in Kenya we are Partnering with Safaricom Mpesa, Equity, Barclays, KCB bank and in International we have Mastercard, Paypal, Payza among others.Also Global Internet Fortunes is licensed by Communications Authority of Kenya(CAK).The reason why we are licensed by CAK is because of the web-hosting part.  We do register the dot Ke (.Ke)domain addresses. If you check on this license keenly, you will be able to see that this is a license for the provision of .Ke country code top level domain. So the Communications  Authority of Kenya has authorized GIF to register .Ke addresses and you can also confirm that from KENIC. Kenic  is the registry that registers all the domains but then it has got the registrars or other companies  that Subcontracts to register the domain addresses. So we are licensed by CAK to carry out our business. For you to also prove that, Visit Kenic website at,  down there at the footer area you will be able to see all companies that are actually licensed by Kenic To register domains (Licensed Registrars). When the Kenic site opens, you will see on the list company number 60 is Global Internet Fortunes.

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